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Pandemic Disaster Plan

A pandemic is a thread of disease which is contagious in nature and can cause serious illness. In no time it can spread in the entire county and across the world. To have a control over such type of pandemic disaster, it becomes essential for healthcare facilities to formulate a proper and effective disaster plan addressing all types of hazards, including pandemics and other infectious-disease disasters.

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Proper planning and handling of pandemic disaster is often more grave than traditional natural disaster like earthquake, fire, floods, etc. All type of disasters normally create a risk of infection transmission, but pandemic disasters cause the utmost risk to illness or death from an infectious disease. The planning of pandemic disaster is a challenge for its planners as the nature of this disaster is entirely different from that of natural disaster or traditional disaster.

Standard procedures and policies are required to prepare Pandemic Disaster plan. It is having said that organizations that are not prepared for the next pandemic disaster will suffer a lot in terms of financially and human losses. To avoid going through these circumstances, organizations have to take the appropriate initiatives to provide a safe work environment and need to take safety measures to protect the wellbeing of its employees, customers or other visitors.

At business-continuity-plan.com you receive a well formatted standard and highly effective Pandemic Disaster plan template package eliminating the need of manually creating these templates and spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of manual work hours. Along with the Pandemic Disaster plan template documents, we will provide you Getting Started Guide, which act as a quick reference guide to introduce the different steps for identifying essential processes, developing pandemic response plans, identifying risk and so on.

Listed below are some of the pandemic disaster plan templates that will jumpstart your pandemic Disaster plan within a short span.  

Package 1

Critical Process Identification (1 page)
How to Identify Critical Processes (4 pages)
Pandemic Planning Data Gathering (11 pages)
Pandemic Planning Checklist (7 pages)
Resource Allocation (2 pages)
Pandemic Response Plan (16 pages)
Guide to Documenting Pandemic Response Plans (17)
Pandemic Response Plan – Example (16 pages)
Guidance for using Pandemic Planning Suite (7 pages)
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